måndag 16 februari 2015


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lördag 1 november 2014

Wallnerbrothers season highlights

We always try to find the time to do a bit of filming and share some of the good times in between races, so now we gathered together the best and worst clip of the season.

Wallnerbrothers season highlights a Mountain Biking video by NiklasWallner

Hope you all enjoy// 
Wallner brothers

lördag 18 oktober 2014

Reflections of the season 2014

The season is over.
We would like to take some time and reflect on the seasons ups and downs. 
We got the opportunity to spend a couple of valuable weeks early in the pre-season over in California, and everything seemed to be running as planned. 

20 days in California with Wallner brothers and Marcus Hansson a Mountain Biking video by NiklasWallner

With just a few weeks to spare before the first race of the season Robin had a small incident which resulted in a broken wrist.

(Niklas apparently felt so sorry for Robin that he just a few weeks later broke his scaphoid at the first race.)

The first European cup Robin managed to get our first podium of the season, despite the fact that he was still suposed to be wearing a cast.

The first world cup rounds became a big struggle for the whole team, Robin and Niklas were having a hard time with injuries and Marcus couldn't quite find his rhythm. 

In the middle of the season nothing seemed to be clicking for the brothers, however Marcus rode awesome and was one of the highest ranked juniors in the European cup.

Despite struggling we always try to find the time to do a bit of filming and share some of the good times in between races. 

Check out all our videos at: Niklas Wallner videos

World champs was the clear goal of the season for everyone in the team. Coming into the event Robin and Niklas confidence level was at an all time low. After Robin crashing out of every race and Niklas feeling very uncomfortable they where looking to turn things around in Norway. 
Marcus however was riding better than ever and came in hot for practice.

Practice was going great for the whole team until Marcus had a big crash and had to sit on the sidelines and watch the race.

Despite making a lot of stupid misstakes Niklas had his best result of the season. 

And Robin was able to finish 23rd without a front brake.
Even though we didn’t get the results we would like to really thank everybody that came out to watch and support us. It was a very memorable race.

After worlds Robin headed down to south of Europe on his own. 
He ended his downhill season with a second place at the European cup finals before going on a 2 week long journey into the world of enduro racing.

He was able to surprise a lot of people by taking a 2nd place at his first ever european cup. A week later, with start number 179 he was able to follow it up with a 17th place at the last stop of the enduro world series in Italy.

We would like to round of this long text by saying THANK YOU to everyone that has made this season possible and memorable, sponsors, friends and family, you know who you are!


söndag 5 oktober 2014

Robin takes 17th place at Enduro world series finals in Finale Ligure, Italy.

It was the first time Robin did an EWS (Enduro world series) race and overall he had an awesome time!

Unfortunately Robin had start number 179 and knew from the beginning that he had to pass riders on his way down. 

Day one he started of with a crash on stage 1 but still manage a 9th place and after that things started to go a bit sideway. He caught up to the guy infront on stage 2 and added a crash to that, stage 3 he caught up to the guy infront again and on stage 4 he got a flat.  
After a messy day one Robin was sitting in 17th position and despite the problems he felt pretty happy about his performance.

Day 2 came around and stages 5 and 6 was left. As usually Robin caught the guy infront on stage 5 and lost a bit more to the leader group. 
On stage 6 Robin had time to pass 2 guys and crash once before finally crossing the finish line.

When everything was settle and done Robin finished an impressive 17th place overall in his first ever Enduro world series and he cant thank the organizers enough for giving him a last minute entry to this race. 

Robin have now a 30 hour drive home and will race the Swedish national championships in downhill this up coming weekend in Falun. 

söndag 28 september 2014

European enduro series, Treuchtlingen, Germany

Robin takes 2nd place at the european enduro series race in Treuchtlingen, Germany. Despite a crash on stage four.

With 7 stages and a race time of 15 minutes Robin was only 1.98 seconds from taking the win away from the fast Frenchman Nicolas Lau but a crash on stage four put a stop to that. 

– I’m happy with 2nd place behind Nicolas Lau, but I’m a bit bummed that I crashed at stage 4 wich probably costed me the win.
It was a tricky race, short and intense stages but slippery and technical so you had to be cautious and safe at the right spots. Said Robin after the race. 

Robin is now proving that he can compete with the best in this fairly new sport and he will now pack up the van and head down to Italy and race the last enduro world series in Finale Ligure, Italy. 

söndag 21 september 2014

European cup finals, Leogang Austria

The last european cup race of the season was held in Leogang, Austria this weekend.
Robin is all on his own right now, Marcus is out with a injured thumb, Niklas decided to skip this race because of school work and he did not really have any chance to advance in the overall standings and our mechanic Leo is also back at the univesity.

The track in Leogang is the same track as we raced the world cup on earlier this season so Robin got used to the track pretty quick.

The race weekend did not start that great for Robin, he unfortunately punctured his front wheel right before the start in the seeding run. So the only thing he could do was to roll out of the start gate and then walk back up and take the lift down.

Robin was a bit frustrated about that because he lost a couple of valuable points for the overall standings of the series.

Robin started early in the finals and came down in second place right behind Johannes Fischbach. 
However nobody came close of beating neither Johannes or Robins time. 
So Robin got a 2nd place behind the german Johannes Fischbach. 

—I was a bit pissed of yesterday when i had the flattire at the start but somehow thought it might be a good thing. I took a gamble and switched to dry tires before my run wich ended up not being such a good move and i had a couple of close calls early on and then just made it down as safe as i could. I am happy it was enough for a podium and that I was able to round of the season in a good way. Said Robin after his race run. 

Robin also climbed four positions in the overall and finished in a 6th place overall in the European cup after a very up and down season plagued by injuries and crashes.

söndag 14 september 2014

Swedish national series finals in Åre

We feel pretty bad about it but we haven't done any downhill racing at all in Sweden this year, but we finally got some time of and we packed the van one more time for the Swedish national series finals in Åre.

Marcus decided to stay home and rest his injured thumb and our mechanic is back in school so it was only a two man band this weekend with Niklas and Robin.

The track have been the same for the last couple of years so during practice Robin and Niklas took the time to enjoy some laps in the bike park as well, Robin was fastest in the seeding run and Niklas had a smal crash and was sitting in 7th position.

For the finals Niklas had a pretty smooth run and took the lead and nobody was able to beat the time until Robin left the start, and he was up on Niklas time at the first split.
It looked like Robin was on his way to beat Niklas time by a couple of seconds but unfortunately he got a puncture on the front tire in the last corners and was struggling a lot to get to the finish line.
It got close to Niklas time but it was not enough, Robin got into 3rd place behind 4x rider Felix Beckeman.

Overall a very fun and relaxed race weekend and hopefully we can have the time next year to race a couple of more swedish national races.